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Putting Lessons can make the difference in reducing your screams on the greens. Sure you can go through life 3, 4, or 5 putting. However, you can also get an aim point lesson. A lesson that might be very helpful. That’s when I found these pictures of Tyrone giving me the lesson. FYI, I highly recommend him as a coach – especially when you want to bump up your short game. But he is great on all levels. Connect with him on Facebook. Book lessons with him or other members of his crew at TPR Golf Academy

About Aim Point

Become a Putting Jedi with AimPoint

Hello, golf enthusiasts!

Ever stood on the green, squinting at the hole, and pondered life’s mysteries? Wondered why your golf ball suddenly decides to take a scenic route just before the hole? You’re not alone. Mastering green reading is tough. Sometimes it feels like you need Jedi skills to nail it.

Well, dust off your lightsabers! I’m here to introduce AimPoint, the method that transforms you into a putting Jedi.

Mark Sweeney created AimPoint in 2004. It’s the Yoda of putting techniques. It helps golfers visualize the right putting line and find the exact aim point. Say goodbye to guesswork and divine intervention. Say hello to calculated precision.

The technique involves feeling the slope with your feet and estimating the break. Then, use your fingers to determine the exact aim point. Yep, your fingers. Golfers using AimPoint often hold up one, two, or three fingers. It helps visualize the slope and find the aim point. They’re not ordering drinks; they’re onto something big.

Many pro golfers use AimPoint. It’s gained popularity as a way to remove guesswork from green reading. It takes practice, but many golfers find it effective. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to feel like a Jedi on the course?

So, the next time you’re on the green, pondering life’s mysteries, think AimPoint. It could be the force you need to master the greens and become a putting Jedi.

May the force be with you. Happy putting!

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