Our First Winner!

Our First Winner

Congratulations to our first winner, David. He got a dozen golf balls of his choice compliments of Pattaya Golf.

Below are the details for the October contest we include 8 bad things that could happen to you for not entering and 10 health benefits of participating.

Win a Round of Golf (up to 2000 THB)

Starts Today! Winner Picked on Halloween

(Unlike last month, this contest is open to everyone no matter where you are in the world)

Rewarding engagement with a round of golf.

All you have to do is one of the following during the month of October

  • Make a comment on any post on the Pattaya.Golf site. Got a favorite course? Make a comment on their page?
  • Make a comment on any Facebook Post on our Page
  • Tag @pattayagolfinfo and any Facebook post of yours
  • Mention Pattaya.Golf website in any social media post

Verify Your Entry

Use this form to verify and confirm your first entry.

October Contest Entry

Once confirmed there is no limit to the number of entries during the month, but make sure you are confirmed as a contestant for this month.

If you are not in Thailand and win, we will convert the 2000 THB price into your currency.

8 Outrageous Misfortunes Awaiting Those Who Dare to Skip the October Contest

  1. Triple Bogey Blues: Those who bypass the contest will find themselves cursed with a season of triple bogeys, turning dream rounds into scorecard nightmares!
  2. Shank Shenanigans: The ghosts of golf past will haunt your swings, leading to a series of shanks that’ll send your balls on a detour to the densest woods on the course.
  3. Putt-Putt Plague: The greens will morph into a menacing maze, causing every putt to veer off course, turning simple birdie opportunities into harrowing three-putt sagas.
  4. Drive Drought: Your once mighty drives will shrink in despair, barely making it past the ladies’ tees. Oh, the ignominy!
  5. Bunker Bedlam: The sand traps will develop a magnetic pull for those who abstain from the contest, ensnaring your balls in a sandy abyss from which there is no escape.
  6. Water Hazard Whirlpool: Water hazards will morph into menacing whirlpools, greedily gobbling up your golf balls and sinking your hopes of a decent score.
  7. Divot Disaster: Every swing will carve out a divot so deep, you might just reach the other side of the world, or at least ruin the fairway for everyone else.
  8. Lost Ball Limbo: Your golf balls will develop a mind of their own, darting into the rough, never to be found again. You’ll spend more time searching than swinging!

So, beware the golfing gods’ wrath, and ensure your entry in the October contest to keep these ghastly golfing ghouls at bay!

10 Health Benefit Facts About People Who Enter the Pattaya Golf October Contest

  1. Swing to Slim: Unleash the golfer in you and watch those extra pounds melt away as you swing your way through the greens. Who knew weight loss could be this fun?
  2. Vitamin D Delight: Bask in the warm embrace of the sun as you stride across the fairways, soaking up that essential Vitamin D. It’s nature’s way of keeping you hearty and happy!
  3. Stress-Free Strolls: Leave your worries at the first tee. With every step on the lush greens, feel the day’s stress evaporate into the clear blue sky.
  4. Heartfelt Holes: Keep that ticker ticking smoothly with a hearty dose of golf. Every swing, stride, and putt keeps your heart pumping and love for the game growing.
  5. Brainy Birdies: Sharpen your mind and strategy with every challenging hole. Golf isn’t just a game; it’s a cerebral workout wrapped in verdant vistas.
  6. Social Swing: Forge new friendships and strengthen old bonds over a friendly round. Golf is the glue that binds the community in camaraderie and cheerful competition.
  7. Sleep like a Pro: After a day of chasing pars and dodging bunkers, dive into a deep slumber and wake up refreshed, ready to tackle the next course!
  8. Nature’s Therapy: Immerse yourself in the serene surroundings as you play, letting the chirping birds and rustling leaves provide a melody of tranquility to your game.
  9. Flex those Muscles: From your arms and back to your legs, golf is a full-body workout disguised as a day of delightful play. Feel the burn with every booming drive!
  10. Joyful Joints: Keep those joints jubilantly jumping with the gentle, rhythmic motions of golf. It’s a gentle way to keep you flexible and fabulous!

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