Casual Tournaments Siam

Casual Siam Tournaments

Weekday Fun: Casual Siam Tournaments Await!

Are you looking for some weekday golf fun? Well, you’re in luck! Whether you’re a member of the Siam Country Club or not, I’m all in for organizing random, fun, and casual tournaments. We can get the ball rolling with as few as 6 players (that’s just two groups of three). While I usually play in the afternoons, I’m flexible and can tee off earlier if needed. And remember, this is mostly for fun!

The idea behind these tournaments is to keep things light-hearted, enjoyable, and just a tad competitive. Here’s a hypothetical concept, but I’m totally open to your ideas as well.

Imagine we have 6 people playing in two groups of three. Before we start the round, we randomly select one person to decide the structure of the competition for that day. This way, it’s impossible to prepare in advance. The person who picks the format won’t get another turn until everyone else has had a chance to come up with their idea. For handicaps, I’m leaning towards the System 36 method since it involves the simplest math.

We can also rotate the games between the four courses to keep things interesting.

If this sounds like your kind of fun, let me know. Let’s make our weekdays a little more exciting with some casual golf tournaments!

Also, If you often play solo in the afternoons, feel free to join me for a round.

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Discover the Four Jewels of Pattaya: Siam Country Club Courses Await!

The Siam Country Club in Pattaya boasts four spectacular courses, each with its unique charm. The Old Course, a classic and the first private golf course in Thailand, offers a challenging yet rewarding play with its undulating fairways and speedy greens. The Plantation, a 27-hole marvel, features stunning views of Pattaya and is known for its strategic layout. The Waterside Course, adjacent to the Old Course, provides a modern and luxurious golfing experience with its pristine fairways and challenging water hazards. Lastly, the Rolling Hills Course, the newest addition, offers a fun and unique design with dramatic elevation changes and large, undulating greens. Together, these courses provide a diverse and unforgettable golfing experience for both locals and visitors.

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