Your Guide to Pattaya’s Local Favorites in Golf

Your Guide to Pattaya’s Local Favorites in Golf. Pattaya’s golfing scene is vast and varied. While some courses bask in international acclaim, others remain local treasures. Here’s a guide to those hidden gems:

  1. Pattana: Known for its strategic layout, Pattana challenges both novices and pros. Its signature water hazards? A true test of precision. See Details Here
  2. Pattaya Country Club: A favorite for its welcoming ambiance. The fairways here are forgiving, but the greens? They’ll keep you guessing. See Details Here
  3. Treasure Hill: As the name suggests, it’s a hidden treasure. Its undulating terrains and tricky bunkers make every round an adventure. See Details Here
  4. Plutaluang: A course steeped in history. Its mature trees and natural water bodies offer a serene golfing experience. See Details Here
  5. Rayong Green Valley: Set amidst rolling hills, it’s nature and golf in harmony. The course layout demands a blend of power and strategy. See Details Here
  6. St. Andrews 2000: Inspired by the famous Scottish course, it brings a touch of the UK to Thailand. Its deep bunkers are legendary. See Details Here
  7. Eastern Star: A coastal beauty. The sea breeze here adds an extra layer of challenge, especially on those par-3s. See Details Here
  8. Burapha: A favorite for its dual-course design. Whether you prefer the East or West, there’s something for every golfer. See Details Here
  9. Greenwood: Nestled amidst lush forests, it’s a retreat from the city hustle. Its fairways are wide, but the greens? Deceptively tricky. See Details Here

Your Guide to Pattaya’s Local Favorites in Golf

For those seeking authentic Pattaya golf experiences, these local favorites are a must-visit. Each offers unique challenges, ensuring your golfing journey remains fresh and exciting.

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Beyond the greens and fairways, these courses encapsulate Pattaya’s essence. They’re not just about the game; they’re about the culture, the community, and the camaraderie. Each visit offers more than a round of golf—it’s a dive into local traditions and landscapes. It’s no wonder they remain cherished favorites among the community.