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Pattaya Golf Stories. Tales – A Chronicle of Triumphs, Tears, and Tantrums. We all have our golfing sagas – some hilarious, some heartbreaking, and some that, let’s face it, involve a fair bit of swearing. As I was reminiscing over old photos from the courses I braved during the lockdown (ah, memories), a lightbulb moment occurred. Why not dedicate a section of the site to not only recount my escapades but yours as well? Submit yours today.

Pattaya Golf Stories

Golf Tales vs. Classic Narratives: A Comical Dive into Structure and Humility

Greetings, narrative enthusiasts and golf aficionados!

We are all familiar with the quintessential narrative structure: a start, a middle, and a finish. Straightforward, right? However, did you ever observe that golf tales have their own distinct structure? Let’s humorously examine the differences.

Classic Narrative Structure:

  1. Start: Introduce the characters and setting.
  2. Middle: The conflict emerges and evolves.
  3. Finish: The conflict resolves, and the narrative concludes.

Golf Narrative Structure:

  1. Start: The round commences positively, and you’re feeling hopeful.
  2. Middle: Everything disastrously unravels, and you question your life decisions.
  3. Finish: You somehow manage to rally, or not, and pledge to practice more (but probably won’t).

Notice any disparities? In golf narratives, the ‘middle’ is where the drama truly unfurls. It’s an emotional whirlwind, from triumph to despair and back again. Additionally, the ‘finish’? Well, it typically involves a solemn commitment to practice more, followed by a visit to the 19th hole.

Now, let’s discuss embellishment and false humility, two crucial instruments in any golfer’s narrative toolbox.

Embellishment Tips

  1. Triple it: Whatever the distance of your best shot, triple it. That 150-yard drive? Make it 450 yards.
  2. Add a gale: Regardless of whether it was a tranquil day, inform your audience that you were combating gale force winds.
  3. Include a miraculous save: No one wants to hear about the straightforward shots. Tell them about the impossible recovery shot you executed from the woods.

False Humility Tips

  1. Understate your abilities: Assert that you’re merely an average golfer, even if you have a single-digit handicap.
  2. Fault your gear: Regardless of how well you performed, be sure to mention that you could have done better with superior clubs.
  3. Commend your adversaries: Even if you triumphed by a landslide, insist that your opponents were formidable competitors.

Bear in mind, the essence of a captivating golf tale is a healthy dose of embellishment and a dash of false humility. After all, nobody wants to hear about that ‘ordinary’ round of golf. Happy storytelling!

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