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Plantation Siam Country Club

Top Golfing Destinations

You can find them on this page. These courses are the more expensive ones, but all worthy of a game or two.

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Local Favorites for Pattaya Golfers

These are the courses the locals tend to play. There is extreme value in these course. For example you may be able to play 3 of these courses for the same price of a top destination course

Pattavia Golfing Experience Pattaya

Unique & Fun Golfing Destinations

Some courses are off the beaten path, but man are they fun and not too expensive.

Pattaya Golf Navigating Pattaya’s Golfing Landscape: A Player’s Perspective

I’ve played all of the courses in Pattaya and another 30 in other parts of Thailand. If you have a question just ask via contact us. Looking for a list of current golf promotions at Pattaya Golf Courses click here. Want to promote yourself as a caddie or suggest a caddie start here

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Having had the privilege to play numerous rounds across Pattaya’s diverse golfing landscape, I’ve come to appreciate the rich tapestry of courses this region offers. From the lush greens of the renowned Siam Country Club to the hidden gems that only locals might whisper about, Pattaya truly is a golfer’s haven.

We’ve categorized the courses into three main brackets to help you navigate your golfing journey: Top Destinations, Local Favorites, Unique & Fun.

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Top Golfing Destinations Pattaya

These are the crème de la crème of Pattaya’s golf scene. Courses like Siam Country Club’s Old Course, Waterside, Rolling Hills, Plantation, Phoenix, Chee Chan, and Laem Chabang fall under this elite category. They offer unparalleled golfing experiences, world-class facilities, and often, breathtaking vistas.

Use the links above or click on any image to get more details on that course

Old Course Siam Country Club

Siam Country Club Old Course

Waterside Siam Country Club

Waterside Siam Country Club

Rolling Hills: Siam Country Club

Rolling Hills Siam Country Club (currently under renovation until October 2024)

Plantation: Siam Country Clubaaa

Plantation Siam Country Club

Phoenix Gold Golf & Country Club

Phoenix Gold Golf & Country Club

Laem Chabang Country Club

Laem Chabang Country Club

Chee Chan Golf Resort

Chee Chan Golf Resort

Local Favorites for Pattaya Golfers

These courses might not always make international headlines.but they hold a special place in the hearts of local golfers. Pattana, Pattaya Country Club, Treasure Hill, Plutaluang, Rayong Green Valley, St. Andrews 2000, Eastern Star, Burapha, and Greenwood are some of the courses that have given me countless memorable rounds. They offer a blend of challenge and charm that keeps you coming back.

Unique & Fun Golfing Destinations

For those looking to add a twist to their golfing adventures, these courses promise a delightful mix of the unconventional and the enjoyable. Wangjuntr, Emerald, Khao Kheow, Parichat, Crystal Bay, Pleasant Valley, Mountain Shadow, Pattavia, Silky Oak, Bangpra, and King Naga (closed) each have their distinct flavor, ensuring every round is a fresh experience.

Whether you’re on a budget, seeking a challenge, or just looking to have a fun day out on the greens, Pattaya’s golf courses have something tailored just for you. Dive in, explore, and let every swing tell a story.

A Golfer’s Dream Destination

The location is often celebrated for its beaches and nightlife, holds another title: a golfer’s paradise. For those who live and breathe golf, offering an experience like no other. Every swing, every putt, and every hole tells a story, and in Pattaya, these stories are set against a backdrop of coastal beauty and tropical allure.

Start with the courses. They’re not just plots of land; they’re meticulously designed masterpieces. Each course in Pattaya challenges your skills, tests your precision, and rewards your dedication. And the best part? They’re all just a short drive away. No need to plan weeks in advance; if the urge strikes, the greens are ready for you.

The variety is staggering. Whether you’re looking for a course that mimics the rugged terrains of Scotland or the lush greens of Augusta, Pattaya has it. Each course offers its unique set of challenges, ensuring that no two games are ever the same. And for those who love the thrill of competition, the city’s frequent tournaments provide the perfect stage. From local championships to international events, there’s always a game to watch or play.

But it’s not just about the game; it’s about the experience. The golf clubs in Pattaya understand this. They’re not content with just offering a place to play; they strive to offer an experience. Constant upgrades, state-of-the-art facilities, and world-class amenities ensure that every golfer feels like a pro. After a long game, indulge in luxurious clubhouses, where you can relax, share stories of the day’s game, and gear up for the next.

And let’s not forget the community.

Pattaya’s golfing community is vibrant, welcoming, and passionate. Whether you’re a solo traveler looking for a group to play with or a seasoned golfer seeking worthy opponents, you’ll find them here. The camaraderie among golfers in Pattaya is palpable. Every game is an opportunity to make new friends, learn new tricks, and share in the collective passion for the sport.

In conclusion, Pattaya isn’t just a destination; it’s an experience, especially for golfers. It promises not just a game, but a journey. A journey filled with challenges, rewards, friendships, and memories. If you’re a golfer looking for your next great adventure, look no further. Grab your clubs, head to Pattaya, and dive into a golfing experience you’ll cherish forever.

Waterside siam country club caddies

Caddies Make the Difference

They know the course much better than people realize. Some are also great players

Understanding Promotions

Visitors and people who live here can get access to discounts, but they change based on seasons.

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